I Need Your Help…

Friends, those of us who fight the battle in our brains day in and day out are indeed more courageous than anyone else knows! Even if no one else admires you just for surviving, I DO because I know what it takes. Keep fighting! You are not alone!

In the spirit of courage, I’m putting out this request despite the knot in my stomach about doing so…

Advocating for those who suffer with mental illness is my passion. It is my hope someday to support myself fully by doing just that. For now, I am dedicating one full day of the work week to growing To Know We Are Not Alone. But I need your help…Promoting something costs money and taking a day each week off of work also costs money, in a different sense. Please partner with me to help spread the word that those who suffer with mental illness (and their supporters!) are NOT ALONE. Thank you for any help you can offer! ~Tim

Click here if you can help.

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