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Did you know that 1 in 4 people battle some form of mental illness during their lives. That’s a low guess, if you ask me. After all, 1 in 1 people suffer from some sort of physical illness. It seems to me that, since we all have brains, it’s a battle we all might face at some point.

But here’s what’s staggering: According the the National Institute for Mental Health, 45% of people who are suffering go untreated. Almost half the people who suffer are fighting the battle alone, many too scared of the stigma to pursue help.

I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THEY ARE NOT ALONE…even if all they can do is an internet search to see what’s out there about mental illness, my hope is to spread a wildfire of encouragement and hope for people who suffer from the isolation of mental illness.

But I need your help! I need help spreading the word; I need help building my new website at toknowwearenotalone.ORG; I need contacts who might help me with this endeavor; and of course, I need funding.

My goal for the remainder of 2018 is to raise $5,000. This will go toward marketing, web development, podcast production, and helping me recoup some of the income lost from taking a day off each week to build this community. Asking for help is hard for me. I don’t like it. But what I like even less is knowing that people are suffering in isolation. I did it for a very long time, and it’s life-threatening. It’s brutal.

So if you can, I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate your help. Click the link below if you can help me move ahead with the audacious goal that, one day, no one will feel alone in their mental health battle. Thank you! ~Tim

Click here if you can help.

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