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imageWelcome to this site! I appreciate you visiting. My name is Tim Blue, and over the past 15 years, I’ve spent endless hours and dollars trying to understand why I feel so anxious all the time. I’ve been diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bi-polar (II) disorder. Perhaps all these diagnoses speak to the moving target that is psychiatry, or perhaps they show you what life is like inside my head. At first, like most people, I resisted the diagnoses as well as the medication that went along with them. About 4 years ago, I relented on the medication front and finally realized that I will be on not just one, but many, medications for the rest of my life, this coming after a decade of trying short-term medication remedies that I never gave much of a chance to work. 2 years ago I published a memoir of my struggles up to that point regarding both my bad brain and my ultra-conservative Christian upbringing (not a good pairing). I thought this was my “coming out” that would be a one and done sort of thing – now people know the real truth about me! They will give me a bit more grace from now on, I thought. But people still don’t understand the daily struggle, and I, like many, need a community of people who “get it.”

There’s something healing about being with others who understand. People who have lost children need to be around others who are in the same boat, as do cancer patients, transvestites, and religious people…we just plain need the company of like-minded people. And that’s what this blog is for – community. I’ll lead the way with posts about my own experiences, but I want you, reader/friend/co-sufferer, to share your thoughts with me, too. I like to write, but I don’t like feeling alone, so do me a favor and join me in this endeavor to create an online community for people with mental health challenges! Look around, and don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s some way I can make this site more useful. I can be reached at toknowwearenotalone@gmail.com. Thanks! ~Tim Blue, June 2016.



3 thoughts on “About Tim Blue

  1. holy shit, I just dig you and your writing! Kelly Pittman emailed me your blog. I get so excited when a new one comes out. We have a farm(sanctuary) where all are welcome to come out and revive their spirit. If you and your family would ever like to come out and hang with us, we would be honored for you to be our guest. progress not perfection…right?

    Vikki Fraker

    1. A friend of Kelly’s is a friend of mine! Thanks for the offer of some sanctuary time and space. I’ll be accepting that offer soon! 🙂

  2. Hi Tim – I’ve been listening to your podcasts (all the ones that are up!) over and over again. They’ve helped me so much. I so relate to your strict Christian upbringing (my grandfather was a pastor of a Presbyterian church and my whole family is extremely religious). And I was a believer too until I was diagnosed with depression my last year of college in 2003.
    Anyway, I didn’t know the best way to reach you or leave a note as I tried to write a review on iTunes but it wouldn’t let me for some reason.
    I just really wanted to let you know what a difference you’ve made for me, just to know I’m not alone. Hearing someone who really gets it.
    Hope to either hear from you or hear another podcast soon!

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