Podcast: Self Harm

Show Notes: Statistics taken from: http://www.healthyplace.com/abuse/self-injury/self-injury-self-harm-statistics-and-facts/ Self-harm is more an act of self-preservation than self-destruction. Aron Ralston: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aron_Ralston Tim shares first-hand stories from 3 people’s self-harm experiences. Tim discusses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectical_behavior_therapy    ***** Continue reading

How To Help Someone with Mental Illness

It can be awfully hard to know how to help someone with mental illness! Take me for example: Saturday morning, I was comatose with depression on my couch for four hours, hoping for a stray Continue reading

Why Don’t Doctors Give More Hugs?

A few weeks ago, I went through a thorough brain evaluation at a place called the Amen Clinics (I really hate that name as it sounds like some hokey pray-it-away sort of religious place. It’s Continue reading

antidepressant side effects

Antidepressant Side Effects: Weight Gain and Hurt Feelings

I stand an imposing 5’9″ with an average build, so I should probably weight 160 to 170-ish. But ever since starting bi-polar medication (Seroquel to be exact) I can’t lose weight. I spent all of Continue reading